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Block Equity Group

Providing the building blocks to your business' financial success.

Our Financial Services

"We get it. You have your own business to run. Let us do the heavy lifting here."

Block Equity Group is a Financial Services company that helps provide funding, loans, credit, and private investment options to business owners. We are an official intermediary of the SBA loan program, offering some of the most generous business financing available in today's market.

Business Funding

SBA Loan Programs

Private Lending

Private Investment

Alternative Funding Options

How We Work

Funding Solutions

We work closely with business owners to understand their financial needs and provide tailored funding solutions that drive their growth and success.

Talk to Our Experts

Our team is ready to discuss your goals and guide you through the process of securing the right type of funding for your business. 

Join Our Community

We take pride in our enduring relationships with our clients and partners. The quality of our work has made us a preferred partner for many funding/lending institutions, as well as business owners looking for additional capital down the road, as they grow and expand.

Why Choose Us

Expertise in Financial Services

Tailored Funding Solutions

Trusted SBA Loan Intermediary

Satisfied Business Owners

Flexible Business Financing

Innovative Investment Strategies

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