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The Team

Meet the dedicated professionals who drive the success of Block Equity Group.

Our Expertise

Block Equity Group is one of the fastest growing companies in the Financial Services industry.

We specialize in working with a diverse range of funding options to ensure that business owners receive the best option for their specific circumstances and qualifications, including government programs (SBA, FICA etc.), credit-based loans, revenue-based cash advances, factoring deals, and more. 

A quick call with one of our experts can determine which options make the most sense for you and your business.

Our Commitment to Results

We are a multifaceted financial services firm because we truly value our clients and aim to be flexible, with specifically tailored options for every possible situation.

Oftentimes we identify the "ideal" funding option for a business, but see a roadblock, such as low credit score or outstanding balances, and we work with the client to overcome these roadblocks, thus enabling them to get that optimal financing instead of settling for the inferior options they were otherwise "stuck" with, prior to our assistance. 

Our Philosophy

""You have your own business to run, so let us do the heavy lifting here."

We aim to truly understand every business owner and their business model, as well as current circumstances, in order to best navigate the complex maze of funding options.

By taking this more thorough approach, our experts are able to streamline the process for the business owners; getting them the capital they need, at the best possible rates, in the least amount of time.

Our Experience

With over a century of collective experience in various layers of the Finance industry, our team is constantly growing with an ever-growing range of skillsets, enabling more and more options for our clients.

We have learned that it is better to be a dependable "one-stop-shop" for our clients and have expanded our offerings accordingly.

As per our philosophy: "You have your own business to run, so let us do the heavy lifting here."

Modern Office

The Partners

Our Leadership!

Don Fowler


With nearly 20 years of experience in the Finance industry, Don has worked his way up from the entry-level in 2006 to running his own businesses, including this one!

Whether he's working with an individual business owner or with our network of Lenders, Investors, and other professional partners, Don is truly the "face" of Block Equity Group.

Fun Fact:  We are waiting on a new headshot, so enjoy this AI interpretation of Don.


Michael Valdini


With over 15 years of experience in Financial Analysis & Operations, Michael has also worked his way up from the entry-level to the C-suite. 

An expert in financing, tax codes, and the technical design of operations & deal-flow; Michael is the truly the man-behind-the-curtain for Block Equity Group. 

Fun fact: This headshot has a surprising (and happy) origin story.

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